foster care;

Emergency foster care is necessary when a child is in need of immediate housing. This may occur for a number of reasons such as if the child is placed in danger and urgently needs somewhere to stay. You will need to be available during evenings and weekends to welcome a child into your home.


Why should I consider emergency foster caring?

Providing emergency foster care is important as the child can often be vulnerable having just suffered some form of crisis. By offering your home as emergency care you will be giving the child stability during this difficult time before a more permanent placement can be found.

By opening your home, for however short a time, you could be making a small difference that goes a long way to ensuring a child’s future happiness. You will look after many children, sometimes only for a week, others for longer, helping each one according to their needs. As each child is different you will gain hugely valuable experience along the way, as well as any training or support from us as we work closely by your side the whole time.

Carers are often on call and are paid a weekly retainer for this. Our financial support section provides more information.

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