foster care;

If a young person encounters some trouble and is awaiting court proceedings they will be in need of a stable home to help them through this time. You can provide them with this stability, offering encouragement and advice to help them cope throughout this trying time.


Why should I consider remand fostering?

The alternative to remand foster care is either custody placements or secure accommodation. Both can add to an already stressful situation for a young person. As a remand foster carer you will be helping a young person to deal with a traumatic time by offering a safe home with advice free from judgement. Your care can help keep them away from a pattern of reoffending.

Remand foster care is challenging and requires a lot of patience. To help deal with any challenges you may face we will provide specialist training as well as giving you the support of local Youth Offending Teams, psychologists and social workers. Together, we will work as a team to provide the care every young person deserves.

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