Short term

foster care;

We always aim to create placements in which a child can receive stability. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes, while a permanent solution is being arranged, we will need you to offer a child a place to stay for anything from one night to a few months. Your role is vital in making the child feel welcome during what is often an anxious time.


Why should I consider short term foster caring?

Even for a short period of time, no child deserves to be placed in an unsafe environment. That’s why short term foster care can be just as important as long term. If a child needs to be taken out of a dangerous situation, they need to be moved to a safe place as quickly as possible. Short term foster care provides this safe place and protects a child from further neglect.

Short term foster care can be challenging in different ways. Some of the children have behavioural issues and in order to provide them with the very best care, you will need to properly trained and prepared. Our expert team is always close by to provide you with anything you need to be a guiding force in the child’s life.

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