Heath Farm School

Along with fostering, therapeutic and family services, the Heath Farm campus features a special school for children aged 5 to 16.

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While not all of our children attend Heath Farm School, it’s an option for those who are struggling to sustain mainstream schooling because of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and for those with conditions such as autism, Asperger’s and dyslexia.


Our peaceful, rural campus in Charing Heath is the perfect environment for pupils who struggle with learning.

While this safe and attractive environment is certainly conducive to learning, it’s our approach to teaching that really makes the difference:

  • Small intimate classes (8:1)
  • Teachers trained in specialist education
  • Alternative education programmes (1:1 teaching)
  • Nurture groups to tackle specific difficulties
  • Expert therapeutic and pastoral care, such as CBT and play therapy for younger children
  • Access to a balanced range of National Curriculum subjects, plus IT, science, music, art and design facilities

Many children come to the school with diminished self-esteem, a history of failure in education and deep-seated distrust of adults. So we build confidence by treating every child with respect, introducing them to new things, highlighting their potential, and always celebrating their achievements.

And while we want pupils to feel happy and secure, an element of challenge is vital to their success. So everyone is encouraged to make a worthwhile contribution to the school and aspire to good grades, college places or apprenticeships.

A close relationship with parents, carers and agencies is integral to the success of our educational program, so we do encourage your involvement and contribution.


The school welcomes referrals from Kent LEA as well as any local authority looking to place children in a foster home through Heath Farm Family Services. We’re also happy to receive enquiries from parents and carers.

Please visit the Heath Farm School website for more information about the school, and our admissions policy.

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