Carer Training

We feel that the better the training you receive, the more care you can offer a child and the happier they will be. It doesn’t matter whether you have years of experience or are completely new to foster care, we provide you with training that is specifically suited to your needs.

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Watch some of our experienced foster carers tell you about their experiences with foster care training.

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Learning your way

Everyone learns in their own way. That’s why we want you to get the training you need to be a successful carer. We provide a range of different training courses from online support to group training, allowing you to pick which ones work best for you.


Skills to Foster

At Heath Farm we have created our Skills to Foster program as a way to provide all the skills and information you will need in one simple induction program. This can become your guide to foster care and will help to act as reference point for any queries you may have.


Our training programmes

We are constantly updating and improving our training programs so that they suit the needs of our foster carers and children. We offer courses covering a wide range of issues from Abuse and Neglect to the Role of Social Media in a child’s life so that you are always prepared to face any issues that can arise.

The programs cover three levels: Core, intermediate and advanced. This way you can choose a program suited exactly to your level of experience.


Professional development

Heath Farm wants to be with you each step of your journey as a foster carer. By your first annual review, you’ll have completed your induction training and received a personal learning and development plan. Then you can choose to take any of the wide range of training courses we provide so that you are never left on your own.


Transferable skills

If you are an experienced foster carer who has moved to us from a different agency we won’t make you repeat any of the training you have already done. Instead we will work together to create a training program that builds on the great skills and experience you already have.

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  • The different kinds of foster care
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  • Our training and development programmes
  • How fostering affects your finances

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