Switching to Heath Farm Fostering

At Heath Farm we do everything we can to make sure you are able to offer the best care possible. That’s why, if you are already a carer and want to switch to Heath Farm, we’ll take care of everything leaving you free to continue being a great parent.

Also, we provide accelerated assessments for experienced carers who switch to us.

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Have you thought about switching foster agencies but don’t know where to start? At Heath Farm we are always available with care and support to help ease you through the process. To learn more about switching to Heath Farm, watch the video below.

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Why switch to Heath Farm Fostering?

Heath Farm is one of Britain’s best independent fostering agencies. Our philosophy is to provide successful and long term matches, that’s why we have become one of the nation’s most trusted fostering providers. We work closely with local authorities to make sure we have everything in place to help you provide a stable and happy home for your child. We take special care and attention so that you spend as little as time as possible without a child to care for.


How long will it take for me to transfer to you?

There is no fixed time but we aim, in every case, to ensure the process is as fast and as smooth as possible. Typically, the transfer can take around four months and throughout that time we are always on hand to help.


What will happen to my existing foster children?

Our priority is always the welfare and happiness of the child. This means if you already have children in your care we will take this into careful consideration when transferring. The first step is a Protocol Meeting between your current agency, Heath Farm and the local authority, where we can decide on a path that least disrupts the stability of the child’s life.


Are there guidelines for transferring from one service to another?

Yes, we work by a clear and simple set of guidelines that make the process of transferring as easy as possible. These guidelines have been updated as recently as 2015 and help explain the best way to go about transferring between fostering agencies.

View the Transfer of Foster Carers guidelines

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